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About IPR Olympiad

Intellectual Property (IP) has risen in significance as technical reforms reshaped the world economy and has taken on a central economic role in growing a nation both technically and financially. The growing globalization of financial relations and the enhanced intensity of understanding of financial operations have resulted in the creation of a knowledge economy. Protecting intellectual property is essential for knowledge-based economies to promote innovation & creativity, develop jobs, and enhance competitiveness. IP serves in every sector wherever technology exist

ISERD- Innovation

IPR Olympiad is a distinctive forum on Intellectual Property deliberations, organized by ISERDIndia Analytics. IPR Olympiad is first and one of its kind as it includes the variety of skill enhancement techniques that can help us to check your competency in IPR. It celebrates the genre of intellectual property (IP) with the idea of promoting the technical and innovative skills, to generate awareness and create curiosity amongst students, entrepreneurs, start-ups, individuals, in-house legal corporates, and other individuals who are connected directly or indirectly to IPR.


In line with our commitment to educate India by keeping them aware about Intellectual Property Rights, we have launched IPR Olympiad with the following objectives:

  1. Cultivating the IPR awareness amongst people.
  2. Encourage young individuals to search and develop potential projects innovatively and facilitating their commercialization.
  3. Providing platform to develop their skills.
  4. The IPR Olympiad is framed for school students, college students, teachers, researchers and professionals. It will be an online examination with multiple choice questions.
  5. On the basis of performance in the Olympiad, the students will be awarded with Trophy, Medal, Certificate and Cash prize. 
ISERD- Vision

ISERDIndia believes,

“Change will not get induced in society by itself but we have to infuse it like oxygen in the air”.

Some glimpses of IPR Olympiad 2019